Friday, September 21, 2018

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House and Office Blessings and Clearings By John and Jane

New Service Available!


I have recently teamed up with psychic Medium Charlotte Jane Webber for home and office blessings and clearings.  It's great, she talkes to ghosts and I see energy patterns so we have it all covered!


If your home or listing has experienced a traumatic incident that has left it feeling negative, dense or psychically icky – We Can Help!

Home and business Blessings and Clearings create an inviting atmosphere, a place where people want to be.

As a house sits vacant negative energies and spirits can become stuck in the space. These buildings can feel stale and inhospitable, making them difficult to rent or sell. The longer a house sits on the market the more negative the energies can feel

What can make a house or office feel negative and unpleasant?

• Previous owners and tenants suffering and pain from death, foreclosure, divorce or illness.

• Abandonment or being empty for a long time.

• Crime, squatters and rotten tenants.

Offices and retail venues can also get that film of negative energy from customers, disgruntled employees or previous tenants. Clearing and Blessing the space can improve morale, increase business and make it nice to come to work!

Our Home and Office Blessings and Clearings can include top to bottom smudging with sage and sacred incense; sprinkling of Holy Water; Energy Balancing of building and property; crossing over or clearing of unwanted ghosts and spirits. We also leave behind a few blessed crystals to help maintain the energies.

Residential Blessings and Clearings Also Available!



$150 (extremely large buildings extra)

Clearings and blessings take about 2 hours for most buildings


Contact John Michael Thornton at 330-519-6558 and


Contact Charlotte Jane Webber at 724-456-5526 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Psychic Next Door, Feb 2011

yellownastushiumFeburary 28th the wonderful Michelle Hall had me on her show, The Psychic Next Door, on Para-X Radio.  It was so nice to be back with Michelle, she has such a great way to talking to her callers and guests, it just makes you feel right at home and comfortable.  You can to my episode right here and catch Michelle Mondays at 9 pm EST on Para-X Radio!


Honor the Magic Within

On January 11th I drove through a snowstorm up to Avon Lake, OH for my first tv interview.  I had met Jane Duperow a few times at fairs and we had exchanged emails but the first time we sat down to talk was that blustery Tuesday afternoon in front of the cameras.  We only had a short time together, but she was so warm and inviting that it was a pleasure to be there.  I am so grateful to Jane for inviting me to be on her show, Honor the Magic Within, and for making such great experience!


MamaLisa Cares on Para-X Radio 2-9-11

SnowGloriesOn Feb 9th I was the guest on MamaLisa Cares on Para-X Radio, and it was a blast.  We had some great callers and a lot of fun.  One call in particular was from a woman restoring an old house in PA and exploring the incredible psychic phenomena on the site - it was very cool. You can listen to the whole show here or at the Para-X Archive!  Recording is a bit less than 1.5  hours.



Seventh Chakra Meditation

WhiteCrownCHakraTake a deep breath in and begin to calm your mind.  Bring your spine into perfect alignment and let your hands rest, palm up, on your knees.  Bring your attention to the top of your head.  See the bud of a beautiful flower at your crown and slowly let it begin to open to a brilliant radiance from above.  Let the light flow through you, flowing down your spine and at each chakra center.  Pause for a moment and let the divine radiance balance and open the energies.

As you reach the base chakra, let the light pour down through your roots, feeding the Earth.  See your chakras, hanging like jewels on a beam of light running down your spine... and breath.

When you’re ready, let the crown chakra close to a manageable level.  Leave it more open than you found it, filling your body with light.

Take a deep breath in and return to center.

Sixth Chakra Meditation

GrandpaOttClose your eyes and take a deep breath.  Imagine yourself standing behind a door in the middle of your forehead.  Open the door a crack and look out upon the world.  What do you see?  Bring your hands to your forehead and see energy streaming out from your heart center, down your arms, through your hands and into your third eye.  Now, with love in your eye turn around and look back into yourself.  What do you see?

Take a deep breath and return to center.

Fifth Chakra Meditation

SpiderwortTake a deep breath in and bring your attention to the fifth chakra.  What do you feel?  Do you feel strong?  Weak?  Is your energy, your will, being sapped or drawn away by people, places or events?  With invisible hands, see yourself gathering this wisps of will, these lost energies, as if you were drawing in silk scarves dancing in the wind.  Gather home your will.  Bring your hands to the front of your throat and feel the energies spin and throb.

Let us finish this meditation by chanting the Om. . . and return to center.

Fourth Chakra Meditation

HeartLeavesBreath deeply, filling your chest.  Feel the energies swirling and flowing though your fourth chakra.  See the connection this center brings between the upper and lower centers.  Are there any blockages?  Any hurts or old pains clogging the brilliant flow of green energy?  Ask yourself, What do I need to forgive?  What is preventing the perfect loving flow of light though my heart?  Bring your hands to your chest.  Feel healing energy flowing from your hands, dissolving and washing away any darkness or shadows allowing the chakra to spin and flow.
Breathe deep and return to center.