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Great Conjunction
"Premiere Show"
Original Air Date: 8/9/12

In a world with seven-billion people, each on their own path, where do we find connection? Seven-billion paths to the Divine; is there a place where we come together? Our Great Conjunction? Let's find out together.

Welcome to Great Conjunction on Paramania Radio. I am your host, John Michael Thornton. This week we are exploring what this show is going to be as I tell you a little bit about myself and what to expect over the coming weeks. In the second half of the show we're going to open-up the phone lines for your experiences with the metaphysical, your comments and your questions. There is so much out there for us to explore; let's get started.

Welcome to Paramania Radio's Great Conjunction. I'm your host, John Michael Thornton and welcome to our first show. I'm so excited about this and I'm really excited to tell you about what we've got in store over the coming weeks. I've been thinking about this show for a while and when Paramania first contacted me it was mid-June and I was getting ready to leave the country for three-weeks and it was this wonderful experience and this wonderful opportunity and my first thought was, "Oh, I can't think about this right now, can I get back to you?" I was able to ask a few questions before I left, but really, it was more a matter of, "Okay, this needs to go into the back of my head and I need to be focusing on what's happening right now."

I was leaving for a yoga retreat right on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It was such a rich and full experience, but in the back of my head were the thoughts of, "What am I going to say to Paramania Radio?" When I got home it was sort of clear in my head what I needed to do and what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a show that explored the vastness of the metaphysical realm and of the paranormal. I've been a guest on a lot of shows over the past several years and so many of them focus purely on the psychic or on spirits and ghosts and it was great, it was a lot of fun, it was a blast to just focus on that one small part of the paranormal realm. But I grew up in a metaphysical family; I grew up exposed to a wide variety of psychics and astrologers and yoga teachers and metaphysicians and people who focused on dreams and palms and reflexology and there's so much out there. There's so much out there to explore and there are so many opportunities for us to expand out knowledge of the universe. And that's what I wanted to bring to you here.

On this week's episode of Great Conjunction I talked about books that have inspired and shaped my spiritual journey. Check out the Amazon Links!


(Q) Considering … the confusion and misconception of terms in the public mind, please give at this time a term which will best describe Edgar Cayce and his ability to give ‘Readings.’
(A) Application of the harmonious triune; or that as may be determined by those who may "make" a word or term to designate the various phases of the activities presented through such information.

To be sure, it is psychic - or of the soul. As is stated, this is confusing to many whose knowledge or awareness is only of some mediumistic séance or of some activities founded upon an experience of individuals that has led to such a train of thought.

It is the harmony of the triune - of body, mind and soul - towards the purpose of being a help, an assistance, an aid to others.
” - Edgar Cayce Reading 254-108



OrbsandWaterJoin me from the February New Moon to the March Full Moon for an exploration of where our psychic abilities come from, what are our limits and how can we more fully become.

I have been teaching psychic development for many years now and during that time I have begun to realize that the lines and limits we place on what is psychic, what is reiki, what is intuitive or spiritual are illusions.  We are creatures of spirit.  We are souls incarnated in the physical world and we bring our limitless abilities with us - manifesting in a multitude of ways. 

Psychic is not what you do, it is what you are, because psychic is of the Soul.  It is a manifestation of your soul and your soul is not limited by this physical world.

I am so excited to share this with you.  We are going to explore and it will be breathtaking.


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Join me August 8th at 10 pm est for the premier of my new show on ParaMania Radio - Great Conjunction! The phone lines will be open the second half of the show for your calls and questions!

Welcome to Great Conjunction Radio with John Michael Thornton

There are many paths to the Divine, many philosophies, many faiths - Join me each week as we find the places where they come together and form a Great Conjunction

I have spent my life exploring the metaphysical world and watching people find their way upon their spiritual paths, even after all these years I am amazed at the incredible number of ways people move toward the Divine. Let this be a Great Conjunction where we look at the many ways to find your spiritual path as we explore psychic abilities, yoga, diet, spirituality, ethics, religion and more.

On alternating weeks I will explore a topic or theme for the first half of the show and then open up the phone lines for your questions, comments and free psychic readings. The other weeks I will open the show to guests who can help us explore the connections of Mind, Body and Spirit.
You can listen to the show Live at ParaMania Radio or listen anytime at Great Conjunction, new episodes will be posted in Podcasts after the show - You can also find Bonus content every month only at