Great Conjunction Expo and Psychic Fair

Saturday, June 14th ~ 10-7pm

3300 Morewood Rd Fairlawn, OH 44333

Come be inspired.      Come be blessed.      Come have fun.

And come be One with everyone at the

Great Conjunction Expo and Psychic Fair!


Hello Visitor,

This weekend is the Great Conjunction Expo in Akron, OH!  We are thrilled to be presenting this Metaphysical Expo and Psychic Fair and we hope you can be a part of it!

I have been stunned and humbled by the array of talented people who are joining us at the show and you should check out the website at to see all the amazing vendors, readers and speakers who will be attending.

Saturday, June 14th!

Great Conjunction Expo & Psychic Fair is only 3-days away!

Dancing Mindfulness, Medical Intuition, Body Story Telling, Reiki-infused candles, Massage, Mediumship, Shaman Singing Bowls, Tarot & Palm readers, Wands, Past Life Regression, Jewelry and so much more!
And even bring your leashed, well-behaved pets to meet an animal communicator!
Get your discounted tickets on line!


2014 is off to a fantastic start with my two new Kindle Books!  Joe and I have been working to convert selected episodes of Great Conjunction into ebooks, giving people the opportunity to really spend some time with the topics and work with the meditations.  My first book, Meditation for Grounding was released in January and the second, Meditation for Forgiveness is out NOW!Meditation-For-Forgivenesssmall

I am incredibly excited and proud of these books.  I hope you love them as much as we do!  Both are available from Amazon for your Kindle e-reader, tablet or computer with the free Kindle software.

Forgiveness Meditation (Great Conjunction Transcripts)

Forgiveness is deeply personal and healing. We often think of forgiving someone else or get caught up in the idea that "they" don't deserve our forgiveness, but forgiveness is about us and our spiritual growth.

In this episode of Great Conjunction we discuss ways to find forgiveness, how to make forgiveness real and ways to release painful memories. We finish with a Guided Meditation.

Meditation for Grounding

 Meditation-For-GoundingsmallerWhat does it mean to be grounded? How can you become more grounded?

We spend so much time with our heads in the clouds, not focused on the present moment and disconnected from the Earth beneath our feet. In this episode of Great Conjunction we look at way to become more grounded and how to notice the signs of disconnection from the Earth energies in ourselves and others. We finish with guided meditation.

Check out the Reviews of Meditation for Grounding!

"Must Read for Energy Workers and Intuitives" - Mary Brigger

"A fresh breath from Mother Earth" - Anne M Hodapp

"Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, this meditation guide covers all you need! Highly Recommended!" - Linda J. Schiller-Hanna

Lots of New products are in the works and my next meditation cd, featuring three guided meditations and original music composed and performed by Deborah Ingersol, will be out in the next few weeks - Stay Tuned!


ChristmasTreeIt’s been a wonderful holiday season. This was the second Christmas Joe and I have shared, but last year I had the flu so it barely counts. This was also our first year to get a Christmas Tree for my house, my first Christmas tree. I haven’t ever bothered to decorate this house for the holidays, I would always spend them at my parent’s house, and Mom loves to decorate, but this year we had a tree. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed having the tree and decorating, it made me really feel we were sharing a home.

As I write this, Joe is sitting in his new office, the dogs are roaming around the cats are peering out from their little hiding places. It feels like Home and a great start to the New Year.

Already the calendar is starting to fill up with classes, fairs and special little side projects, but I have a New Year’s gift to you:

From now until January 15th, Hour Long Psychic Readings are only $65! I want you to get all the guidance you need to start this year off in the best way possible, so enjoy these prices while they last!

Let me begin by thanking all of you who reached out to me following my Grandmother’s transition.  Your letters, cards and stories were beautiful, breath-taking and kind.  You enrich my soul, thank you.
This year my Fall Fair Season ends on a high note with the Victory of Light Expo November 23rd and 24th.  It is an amazing expo, this year I will be in booth 525 with the delightful Karen Kenny and I will be lecturing Sunday at 2pm ~ Anything You can Breathe Through, You Can Live Through. You can listen to my Great Conjunction episode, Victory of Light, interviewing Victor Paruta, Maria Celeste and Alice Langholt in the Great Conjunction Archives.
It has been an amazing season of expansion and growth.  I am now teaching twelve yoga classes, you can check out my new Yoga Site at, and the Great Conjunction Radio show has been phenomenal, it is weird and wonderful to meet people “out in the wild” who only know me through the show – I love my listeners.  I feel so blessed.
We only have a few more episodes until the end of the year, you can check out our schedule at and listen to past shows at and on iTunes.
I am now teaching three classes at The Yoga Room in Niles, OH and you can expect to see some special classes and workshops there in the New Year.  It is a wonderful space and the energy has been amazing, you all must come check it out.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah and a Blessed Holiday Season.  I will talk to you again in December, but if you want to talk to me, schedule a reading, book a party, private yoga class or anything else ~ I am here for you.
Be Blessed,
John Michael Thornton