Friday, August 23, 2019


Good afternoon, My name is John Michael Thornton, Thank you for coming. I would like to start off by clarifying the title of my talk here today – the full title was "This I Choose" – Ethics and Responsibilities of the Modern Mystic was the tagline to the original title. I bring this up not because they cut my beautiful and beloved words… they did, but because my central thesis for this discussion is the importance of choice and choosing and I don't want y'all sitting there wondering where that came from.

Also, since I see some people I know in the room I should explain about the pages of notes here. See, I don't usually write out my lectures, I show up with a page or two of notes so I don't mix up the organs associated with the second and third chakras and then fly with the energy of the room. That's my normal way of teaching, but after I proposed this topic last fall I started over thinking the whole thing. It didn't help that I was obsessed with Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog at the time and was this close to turning the whole thing into a musical, I already had songs picked out when I came to my senses, It's only a blessing that was before Glee came out. Musicians would have been a stretch but there is no way I could have afforded backup dancers.


So please allow me to introduce myself – I am a psychic and teacher and I am immensely please to say that has been my full time job for two years this January. Who else here has gone full time? Isn't it awesome?

I was off and on, part time, hobby kind of thing as a psychic for sixteen years, before giving in and letting it be my life in 2007. My parents are both metaphysically inclined, I was raised with the Edgar Cayce Readings and Ray Stanford and we were always very involved with the ARE. Psychic work, metaphysics, and exploration of the stuff of the Universe were always respected vocations growing up.

At 15 I trained as a psychic at the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics and I've been giving readings with varying frequency ever since. The structures and mores of the metaphysical community have always intrigued me and for a long time I wanted to be a preacher. (specifically a televangelist, {nervous laugh} Youthful indiscretions) I studied Religion and ethics at Youngstown State University, graduating in 1998, worked at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in both the Youth and Family Life Department and The Archives before moving to New York City to wear a tie and pretend to be a normal, non psychic, person. It didn't work out.

I moved back to Ohio in 2004 and continued to circuitous journey that has lead me here – Psychic, Teacher and Yoga instructor. 10 million times better than being an office laky and normal person.

I have taught and lectured a bit all over the place the last few years Including Youngstown, Rochester, Columbus and LilyDale. Which reminds me – as I was griped at in LilyDale for "Inappropriate Language", I said hell once and sucks twice, Chick in the front row with the HAIR was counting. Let me give a brief disclaimer: this lecture contains adult content and language, view discretion is advised. I bring this up because I don't want to get caught up in a long tedious discussion of language or sex. I believe there is too much emphasis put on proper language and sexual morays and not nearly enough on how we behave toward one another. So other than the comment I could not care less about "bad language" or what two or more consenting adults do in private, I would prefer to stick to more substantive issues. If you want to talk about sex and cussin, save it for the questions at the end.

Second, while I have thought long and hard about the issues we will be discussing here this afternoon, Sadly, I have no Missives of truth from on high, no stone tablets or wisdom of Solomon, and while I have many a time wanted to smite those I see as con-artists or scammers I have no great moral or legal authority to do so. I don't even have a lycra superhero costume to slip into so to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers… as much as I may want to.

[readon url=""]This I Choose- Ethics and and Responsibilities of the Modern Mystic Continues in Part 2[/readon]

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