This past summer I did some dowsing for a couple who had been trucking water to thier house for almost twenty years.  In 1985 there was an earthquake in northeast Ohio that caused a shift in the water table leaving thier well producing less than a gallon per hour of unpalatable water, so they started trucking in water, "just for a little while."  A little while turned into over 20 years, but drilling is expensive and they weren't even sure there was water to be found.  They called me out and I was able to find a spot I was sure had water.  A month or so later I got the following e-mail:


"Good Evening!

About a month ago, you came to our home and chose a place for us to drill a water well.

They drilled 80 ft. deep and found 1 gallon of water a minute.  We were hoping for more so they did a rock fracture with dynamite.  It improved the flow to 5 gallons a minute.  We haven’t installed the pump yet, but we expect it to supply us with plenty of water.

Thank you for your assistance!

Eric & Kathy"


Thanks for the heads-up Eric and Kathy!