It had only been a short time since we first came in contact with John Thornton.   Catherine happened to find one of his brochures at a local health center, and we both had had one hour readings with John over the phone which we found insightful and extremely helpful with our life issues.

We live on 16 acres of beautiful land with two houses positioned on one end of the property.   Both houses are served by a single well which had been putting out less and less water and the quality of the water was deteriorating.   We were faced with the possibility that we would run out of water and needed to drill a new well.   We had a well drilling company come out and drill three times, in the places they felt most likely to find water with the result of three dry holes.   Some people looked at the topography of our land and said it was unlikely there would be any water found due to the rock formations it was positioned on.   It was a horrible feeling - we might be on 16 acres of dry land.   We might have to abandon our home and the value of the property would plummet..

We remembered that during one of our personal readings, John had felt that there was indeed water on our property.   We called and asked him to come out to our land and see if he could help us find a source of water.   We don't think he gets this kind of request every day, but John did indeed make the nearly two hour trip to try to help us.   Catherine had been out a couple of days earlier trying to sense places where she thought there could possibly be water.   She shared her impressions with John who first used a pendulum with a map of the property to narrow things down, then walked the entire property using is abilities to locate sources of water.   He settled on three places, one of which he felt the most strongly about.   We called the drilling company and told them to drill in that spot.   We were on pins and needles during the drilling which seemed to take forever.   Finally the men announced "There's water down there all right, and lots of it!".   We were both in tears at the wonderful news.   John's precision was nothing short of amazing.

We are grateful to God for providing us with this wonderful water, and also to John for finding it for us.   We will never forget the experience and will hold John close to our hearts forever.

Bruce and Catherine Ferguson

Kirtland Hills, Ohio