Every so often one of my wonderful clients sends me a testimonial to share. It is such a blessing to find out how these readings have effected people's loves.  To share your story Contact Me.

John is an amazing psychic and medical intuitive that I’ve used many times!! John’s gifts are highly tuned with his messages incredibly accurate. Many times it’s been John who brought me off the ledge during the years I was challenged by a chronic illness. His messages guided me through what was happening at the time which brought comfort and guidance to my soul and what I was experiencing. I highly recommend John for his skilled guidance and very accurate messages from Spirit!!


-Mary Jane Brigger

I love my work, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from people who getting better (physically, mentally or spiritually) with the help of a reading.  I've worked with many people suffering from chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders and nothing is more important than finding the strength to take control of your treatment.  Well Done Mary!


 Hi John!
I wanted to follow up with you from our reading a couple weeks ago. Man you're good!

A couple weeks after our meeting, I went to alternative medicine at Cleveland Clinic. I wanted to tell the doctor what you said, but had to be careful that I didn't say it came from a medical intuitive. Didn't matter, the doctor said to me what you said! 

I wanted to tell you how accurate your reading was and the follow up. I also want to thank you for the reading. You said things to me that no one knows, I've not told people. I only spoke to Spirit about. Your compassion held me in such sacred space that soothed this wounded healer immensely. And most important of all, the reading validated me, that there was more wrong with me then the doctors could find.

What was significant for me is that I was HEARD for the first time. Your guides heard my silent screaming, that was inaudible even to myself at times. By being heard, I was able to take back control of taking care of my health, not just leaving it in the hands of western medicine or nobody.
Research and study led me to a doctor that listened and heard me. But it began with you validating me and " hearing " me. If not for your reading, I don't believe I would of gone into the doctor as prepared and open as I was.

Thank you so much! You were the turning point in my healing journey and I am so grateful. Your direction is still helping me as more and more validating research and help is finding its way to me.

Thank you again!
Sending you very big hugs of love, gratitude and joy!!!

-Mary B.

Thank you John Michael Thornton for an exciting evening of psychic and medical intuitive readings provided for my angel sisters. I personally found John's reading a spiritual experience that brought clarity to my life with a true knowing of my souls wants and needs. The accuracy and presentation of John's reading was amazing! I highly recommend John for your next psychic reading either personally or for an evening with friends and family as we did!

~Mary Jane

Hello John, I just want say thank you so much for the insight that you gave me today. You confirmed my feelings and offered me all that you could give me in 20 minutes. It is said that our eyes are the window to our soul. Maybe it is true, maybe it is just a cliche, but in your eyes I saw wisdom and something so deep that it would take the greatest scholar to explain the intensity you radiate. I am sorry to read about your accident and happy that you are well. Great things are coming to you, I can just tell. Thank you again, I wish we had more time to talk today. I will be sure to tell others about you. Terri

Good evening,

LanternAngelI wanted to send a message to let you know that I very much appreciate the session from yesterday at the Silver Branch. I didn't realize until this morning how much I needed to hear the message you delivered in that first 5 minutes.

My own mother passes away at 47 from heart related issues, that I believe could have been avoided.

I am just starting on this journey and you are right, it is about working on our own stuff. Without a long drawn out story, my childhood (as much as I don't want to admit it) has effected my life as an adult.

I am going to take what you told me very much to "heart" and work on getting rid of the junk. Thank you very much and I hope that you continue your work...you truly are a blessing.