This year I recorded my Universal Light Expo lecture so everyone could listen.  It's about an hour, you can listen online or download it to your favorite music player.

This year's topic (2011) is Chakras - The Colors of Health.


April 28th was my first appearance on Be the Light Now! with host Michael Carbone.  Listen on, Download the episode on iTunesor listen to the show right here!  It was a great show, very exciting, this iwas my first time working with Michael and his amazing show.


yellownastushiumFeburary 28th the wonderful Michelle Hall had me on her show, The Psychic Next Door, on Para-X Radio.  It was so nice to be back with Michelle, she has such a great way to talking to her callers and guests, it just makes you feel right at home and comfortable.  You can to my episode right here and catch Michelle Mondays at 9 pm EST on Para-X Radio!


SnowGloriesOn Feb 9th I was the guest on MamaLisa Cares on Para-X Radio, and it was a blast.  We had some great callers and a lot of fun.  One call in particular was from a woman restoring an old house in PA and exploring the incredible psychic phenomena on the site - it was very cool. You can listen to the whole show here or at the Para-X Archive!  Recording is a bit less than 1.5  hours.



September 24th I was back on the AC and Kelly Hot 101 morning show for the fourth time and we got the audio for you.  I put all four clips in one file because keeping them spit up was confusing my filing system.


We had a great time together and it looks like this is going to be a regular, monthly event.  So tune in to the AC and Kelly show weekday morings from 5-10 or listen to the clips here at