On October 15th I returned to the AC and Kelly Hot 101 morning show for the fifth time.  Once again I was able to get the audio for you.  I put all the clips in one file to cut down on site clutter.

There was one clip that got cut off or something and most of it got lost.  I edited it out, but I wanted to share with you what we talked about.  A woman called asking about her baby.  She and her husband had been trying for a while with no success. Treatments and Doctors where doing what they could but she was afraid it would never happen.

So often couples get carried away with the idea of making a baby... like they were trying to assemble a particularly difficult set of Ikea shelves.  Like if we just try hard enough and maybe read the instructions or call tech support we can get it done.  All the joy drains from the experience and so often the hopeful parents loose sight of the real goal - a bringing a perfect soul into the world.  A new life and a new being to join their family and the world.

I know there are mechanics and hormones and often lots of money involved, but a new child should be about love and hope for the future and you should never loose sight of the goal - making a place and opening the way for the soul who belongs with you.


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