Back with Mama Lisa on a new network, but with the same great energy.  Great conversation and great callers, it's always fun to reconnect with this great show.


Amazing interview with John Fortuna on his show, "That's What He Said," exploring ethics and spirituality in the psychic business.  This is my favorite topic and one that is often avoided in the business, but self reflection is an important part of our spiritual journey and I was glad John gave us the full hour to explore the topic.  He was a most gracious host and I really enjoyed the experience!


March 3rd I was the special Guest on Be the Light Now! with host Michael Carbone.  Listen on, Download the episode on iTunesor listen to the show right here!  It was a great show, very exciting, this iwas my first time working with Michael and his amazing show.

What a great Victory of Light Expo!  My most lucrative and exciting expo ever and I got to lecture to a fantastic audience Saturday morning.  It really was a blessed weekend and I want to share the lecture recording will all of you.  I began by messing with the fancy new lighting system and then went on to talk about Chakras ~ Balance and Power.

This past Friday I was the guest on Ladean Snodgrass's "Metaphysically Speaking" on Para-X Radio.  It was a great show and you can listen to the entire episode right here!


"John Michael was a fabulous guest. He explained what it's like being a Psychic and Medical Intuitive in a way anyone could understand." - Ladean Snodgrass