Jacquie at the TowerJacquie and I had a game we would play when I was a teenager.  We’d hold hands while walking and pass energy back and forth, the energy would get hotter and more intense over time.  Whoever let go first, bailing from the intensity, lost.  I always lost and never minded.  

I was thirteen or fourteen when I met the Heaths.  Bob and Jacquie met my parents through the Association for Research and Enlightenment and while I may have met them a few times it was when we all traveled to Virginia Beach together that I became friends with their daughter Heather.  Twenty five years later, Heather was my bestie when I got married, but Jacquie more than just my friend’s mom, she was my friend too.  Whenever I saw her she would grab my hand, hug me and say “John, my friend,” with a warmth and love I could feel down to my toes.

Jacquie and the treeJacquie was a tremendous quiet teacher.  I say quiet because it was only later you would realize how much you learned.  In the moment it was just lively conversation about herbs, energy, Reiki, God, or just talking about life and the troubles that come from living in the world.  I can’t remember ever feeling schooled by Jacquie, but my life has been so much richer for knowing her.  When I was first starting as a psychic as a teenager she would pay me to do garden readings.  We would sit in her herb garden and talk to the devas and fairies that inhabited her land.  We would talk about the flow of energy and water in the ground and what plants were struggling and how could they thrive.  She certainly didn't need my readings to make her garden grow, but it was a way of supporting me and teaching me to explore energy and psychic abilities in different ways.  I wasn’t the easiest kid to teach, but she made it easy.

Jim, Bob & JacquieIn the years since her husband Bob passed I’ve said when struggling with my career or business, “I wish Bob were here.  He’d know what to do and how to handle this.”   I am already saying the same about Jacquie.  I miss her right now and know she would have the perfect words of comfort and love, never ignoring or pushing away the feelings, but helping me understand my feelings, myself, and often the world. 

She was amazing in her capacity for love and patience. In my life I have been blessed to know many people of faith who did their best to practice love and compassion.  Jacquie was the purest I have ever had the honor to know.