RoseQuartz"My son is having nightmares. He's afraid to be in his room alone at night. I'm at the end of my rope. What do I do?"
She had a drawn look about her and I knew she was having trouble sleeping too, but we had to focus on her son first. "He's being visited at night," I said. "There is something in your house that doesn't want to leave him alone. Clear the space or move."
"Oh, my husband would never go along with anything like that, he doesn't believe in this stuff," she said. "Is there anything else you can do?"

I hate that question (Oh, I don't like the easy solution, something harder please), but I passed it up to my source who replied that the husband was a big part of the problem but there was something we could do to protect her son. "Rose quartz," I said, "a rose quartz night light. You can buy it or make it, all that matters is the light shining through the stone and it will protect your son."

After that first vision of the rose quartz nightlight I have gotten the same advice over and over again for protecting sensitive children, it won't work as well once they get older, but up to age seven or eight, it is a great way to create a sacred space at night, a little sage and a prayer to St. Michael adds to the clearing and protecting.

I've been looking for a source for these nightlights, or even thin slices of quartz for years and I am thrilled to finally find Celestial Dancer. This past summer they started offering a beautiful rose quartz in thin pieces perfect for nightlights.  If your children are being bedeviled in the night this is what you need!

Rev. John Michael Thornton, Psychic Intuitive.