I'm leaving town for a few days for my Grandmother's 100th birthday.  I've been scanning and going through old family pictures for a slideshow and thought I'd share a few.


My maternal Grandparents, Jo and John Williamson, soon after their wedding.


Untitled 136

Grandma worked for years in the Lamar University Library.  Check it out, Card Catalogue!


My Mother (Janet) and my Aunt Jo.

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My Aunt Jo re-christened her father as Dado when she was a kid.  It stuck, so her is Dado, Grandma Jo, Me (John Michael) and Bitsy (Aunt Jo's dog) It's a waggon we are sitting in, not an over-sized cake pan like I first thought.


Grandma and Mom in Grandma's big old southern kitchen.  I  loved that old house, it was torn down to make a freeway.


Nother picture of the house.


Merry Christmas.