dogwoodNext week I fly to Texas for my maternal Grandmother's 100thbirthday.  It's going to be weird with distant cousins coming in from across Texas and Louisiana – people I knew quite well as a child, but haven't seen in years.  Grandma Jo has had Alzheimer's for years and sleeps most of the time, but the assisted living place she lives in is determined to have a big party and call the local media.  It will be weird.  I will take pictures and report back.

Speaking of names, Grandma Jo married John Williamson, gave birth to Josephine, and Janet who married Jim and gave birth to John – so all you matchmakers out there, I'm guess I'm looking for a J or possibly an E, can't have too much variation in the family tree, might get confusing.

I've been scanning a bunch of old photos, some I'd never seen before, in preparation for Grandma's party.  I think this one is my favorite.weddingphoto

My grandparents Jo and John, younger than I am now. I never knew those people, I only knew who they became, but they were lovely. I have the same half smile as my Grandma, never noticed before.