Dado's Pocket knifePsychometry is a strange ability that can take you by surprise.  I rarely practice psychometry, and I don’t think I have ever used it professionally, but sometimes it gives you unexpected glimpses.  Today I was repacking a box of stuff from my grandmother – old recipes, family pictures, a partial genealogy and a few of my Grandfather’s personal effects and an old pocketknife caught my eye and I thought I’d toss it in my desk drawer, for those times I need a knife and can’t find mine. I was stopped in mid movement by a rush of warmth and strength, a feeling of hands wearing the handle smooth with routine tasks and the warmth of rattling in a pocket.  Layered over that was my grandmother opening letters and packages before putting the knife away.

I barely knew my maternal grandfather, he died when I was four, but It was an unexpectedly perfect moment to feel his presence again.