Magic is everywhere.

I went out dancing last night.  

I am an admitted hedge witch.  Cities leave me feeling drained (and I lived in NYC for four years), I love the life and power to be found in nature.  The feel of the grass under my feet, even when it's asleep, the dirt, stone and deeper power of the molten rock.  I love the touch of branches and leaves tangled in my hair.  That moment when you feel your consciousness spread out like a fog across the landscape and you fade into the background.

A nightclub is an entirely different form of life. The building, the lights, the music and the people become a living organism - it's pulse the downbeat, it's breath smoky and sweet, it's blood both clear and amber and it's mind alive with passion, lust and longing.  It is alive.

I walk in and my shields snap into place, smooth as stone, clear as quartz and strong as the life in my blood.  I take a deep breath, tasting the power of this place, knowing it will welcome me if I become a part of it.  I feel the edges soften and my mind expands out like the striking of a dandelion clock.  The dance floor pulls me like gravity, it is down and all I have to do is fall.

Lights.  Music. Pulse. Power to be found in every movement.  Look for the beings hiding in the shadows, enjoying the free energy.  Smile and watch them flee - this dance is mine... but the next is yours and after that we join in the raising of power in movement, and joy, and freedom, and sweat.


Ride the wave or loose yourself in the swirling undertow.  Both are fun.  Both are power. We often


Our modern world keeps trying to forget the power of dance.

We try to tame our music.

it makes the crops grow.

it brings the sun.

it brings the rain.

it brings life.

it brings enlightenment.