WhiteCrownCHakraTake a deep breath in and begin to calm your mind.  Bring your spine into perfect alignment and let your hands rest, palm up, on your knees.  Bring your attention to the top of your head.  See the bud of a beautiful flower at your crown and slowly let it begin to open to a brilliant radiance from above.  Let the light flow through you, flowing down your spine and at each chakra center.  Pause for a moment and let the divine radiance balance and open the energies.

As you reach the base chakra, let the light pour down through your roots, feeding the Earth.  See your chakras, hanging like jewels on a beam of light running down your spine... and breath.

When you’re ready, let the crown chakra close to a manageable level.  Leave it more open than you found it, filling your body with light.

Take a deep breath in and return to center.