Friday, September 21, 2018


Seventh Chakra Meditation

WhiteCrownCHakraTake a deep breath in and begin to calm your mind.  Bring your spine into perfect alignment and let your hands rest, palm up, on your knees.  Bring your attention to the top of your head.  See the bud of a beautiful flower at your crown and slowly let it begin to open to a brilliant radiance from above.  Let the light flow through you, flowing down your spine and at each chakra center.  Pause for a moment and let the divine radiance balance and open the energies.

As you reach the base chakra, let the light pour down through your roots, feeding the Earth.  See your chakras, hanging like jewels on a beam of light running down your spine... and breath.

When you’re ready, let the crown chakra close to a manageable level.  Leave it more open than you found it, filling your body with light.

Take a deep breath in and return to center.

Sixth Chakra Meditation

GrandpaOttClose your eyes and take a deep breath.  Imagine yourself standing behind a door in the middle of your forehead.  Open the door a crack and look out upon the world.  What do you see?  Bring your hands to your forehead and see energy streaming out from your heart center, down your arms, through your hands and into your third eye.  Now, with love in your eye turn around and look back into yourself.  What do you see?

Take a deep breath and return to center.

Fifth Chakra Meditation

SpiderwortTake a deep breath in and bring your attention to the fifth chakra.  What do you feel?  Do you feel strong?  Weak?  Is your energy, your will, being sapped or drawn away by people, places or events?  With invisible hands, see yourself gathering this wisps of will, these lost energies, as if you were drawing in silk scarves dancing in the wind.  Gather home your will.  Bring your hands to the front of your throat and feel the energies spin and throb.

Let us finish this meditation by chanting the Om. . . and return to center.

Fourth Chakra Meditation

HeartLeavesBreath deeply, filling your chest.  Feel the energies swirling and flowing though your fourth chakra.  See the connection this center brings between the upper and lower centers.  Are there any blockages?  Any hurts or old pains clogging the brilliant flow of green energy?  Ask yourself, What do I need to forgive?  What is preventing the perfect loving flow of light though my heart?  Bring your hands to your chest.  Feel healing energy flowing from your hands, dissolving and washing away any darkness or shadows allowing the chakra to spin and flow.
Breathe deep and return to center.

Third Chakra Meditation

SunflowersBreath deep into your belly.  Let your stomach fully expand and contract with the breath and bring your attention to your third chakra.  How does it look?  Are the energies bright and clear?  Compare it to the other two centers we have looked at, is it as bright?  If you sense unbalance, ask yourself, Where are these energies lacking in my life?  Now, bring your hands to your solar plexus.  See healing energy stream out of your hands, dispelling blockages and balancing the yellow glow.

Take a deep breath and return to center.

Second Chakra Meditation

DayLilyTake a deep breath in and let it out.  Take a moment to bring your attention to your second chakra.  Bring your hands to your lower abdomen and feel the spin of energies.  Now focus your attention.  Does this center seem healthy and clear?  Is the color pure and unmuddied?  What do you feel as you contemplate this chakra?  Are there areas in your life where creativity is lacking or stunted?  See clear orange energy streaming to those areas of your life, feel the energy flow.  As you allow the energies of this chakra into your consciousness, ask yourself - What are the issues I need to address to bring greater balance and health to this chakra and my life?

Breathe deeply and return to center.

First Chakra Meditation

RedSnapDragonTake a moment to bring your attention to your base chakra. As you breathe, see the spin and slow fluctuations of the energies of your base chakra. Is the energy a bright and fiery clear red? Is the energy highly focused or sluggish and almost leaky looking? Can you see your connection to the Earth? Breath deeply and bring your hands to the small of your back and see healing energy stream from them into your base chakra. With your focus on your base chakra, ask yourself - What are the issues I need to address to bring greater balance and health to this chakra and my life?

Breathe deeply and return to center,