2014 is off to a fantastic start with my two new Kindle Books!  Joe and I have been working to convert selected episodes of Great Conjunction into ebooks, giving people the opportunity to really spend some time with the topics and work with the meditations.  My first book, Meditation for Grounding was released in January and the second, Meditation for Forgiveness is out NOW!Meditation-For-Forgivenesssmall

I am incredibly excited and proud of these books.  I hope you love them as much as we do!  Both are available from Amazon for your Kindle e-reader, tablet or computer with the free Kindle software.

Forgiveness Meditation (Great Conjunction Transcripts)

Forgiveness is deeply personal and healing. We often think of forgiving someone else or get caught up in the idea that "they" don't deserve our forgiveness, but forgiveness is about us and our spiritual growth.

In this episode of Great Conjunction we discuss ways to find forgiveness, how to make forgiveness real and ways to release painful memories. We finish with a Guided Meditation.

Meditation for Grounding

 Meditation-For-GoundingsmallerWhat does it mean to be grounded? How can you become more grounded?

We spend so much time with our heads in the clouds, not focused on the present moment and disconnected from the Earth beneath our feet. In this episode of Great Conjunction we look at way to become more grounded and how to notice the signs of disconnection from the Earth energies in ourselves and others. We finish with guided meditation.

Check out the Reviews of Meditation for Grounding!

"Must Read for Energy Workers and Intuitives" - Mary Brigger

"A fresh breath from Mother Earth" - Anne M Hodapp

"Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, this meditation guide covers all you need! Highly Recommended!" - Linda J. Schiller-Hanna

Lots of New products are in the works and my next meditation cd, featuring three guided meditations and original music composed and performed by Deborah Ingersol, will be out in the next few weeks - Stay Tuned!