Ok,  so, since I hate to see audio on the site without transcripts, I've started transcribing my radio apearances.  The urge to edit the print version is almost unbearable!  Anyway, from my first visit to the AC and Kelly in the Mornining show on Hot 101 on 7-09-2009 I give you the first segment:

The Birthday Wheel


AC McCoullough:  Hot 101 AC and Kelly in the morning it is 7:34. Your Hot 101 Storm Tracker 21 weather.

Kelly Stevens:  You're looking for a high today around 83 Degrees, 88 for a high tomorrow, then Saturday a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  What's hot in the Valley?  We gotta lot of things, Something very special goin on tonight, we'll tell you about that at Gleener's food bank, Red Cross, Crossroads Sleep Disorder Clinic, That's coming up tonight, I'll tell you about more of that.

AC: Alright, alright, for the next hour we have a special guest in the studio with us this morning.  And it's John Michael Bloom.

Kelly:  John Michael Thornton

AC: Thornton, Bloom where'd I get Bloom at?

Kelly:  I have no idea. Seriously, John Michael, this is what I work with every day.  It must be his psychic powers going crazy, but it's John Michael Thornton, Thank you Ace.

AC:  And now before we even get started, John, we gotta tell…

Kelly:  John Michael

AC:  What?

Kelly:  John Michael

AC:  Ok, I said John.

John Michael Thornton: Close enough.

AC:  God… Can I continue now?  Ok, so here’s the deal, we gotta say what happened here, we gotta say what happened a few minutes ago.  You arrived here a couple of minuets ago, just before we did the Birthday Wheel.  It's a thousand Dollar Thursday.

Kelly:  He comes in.  He sits down.

AC:  Sits down, he's sittin in the chair, Karen is on the phone and I ask Karen, I said when is your birthday, she said January first.  We spun the wheel and the wheel landed on January 26th.  When we got done with Karen and we were off the air, you said to us what?

John:  January twenty sixth is my birthday.

Kelly:  Unbelievable.

AC:  Wow

Kelly:  Unbelievable.  At which point we all got chills.  I mean, do you realize the odds of that?

AC:  Man!

Kelly:  Well I know that probably doesn’t surprise you, because you're a psychic.

John:  No, it doesn't surprise me.  What do I win?


AC:  You don't win anything.

Kelly:  Ah, we can give you the Coca's Pizza.  That's about it.

AC:  Yeah, guests of the AC and Kelly show aren't eligible to win anything.


AC:  So anyway, so, you're a psychic, and where you from, anyway?

John:  I grew up in Boardman, OH. Went to Boardman High School, graduated in '94 and then went to YSU, I was a Religious Studies Major, and then after that traveled around a bit, and then came back here in 2005

AC:  Ok, Kell had some very interesting questions, so um, Kell, why don't you start in here.

Kelly:  Well, no, you wanted to know about nuclear missals in North Korea and I just looked, like, who cares?  You know, you're like, "you think they'll launch them?" And I'm just like, are you seriously wasting your time with a psychic asking that?  I want to know things like, do I have psychic powers?  Does Ace have psychic powers?  Can my psychic powers overcome his psychic powers?


John:  It's not Deathmatch.


Kelly:  No, but, do we all have psychic abilities?  How do you know you're a psychic?  Do you just wake up one day and go, "I'm a psychic?"

John:  Well I believe that everyone has a certain amount of innate psychic ability.

Kelly:  OK

John:  And whether or not you decide to develop that or move forward in working with those abilities depends upon your own beliefs, your own desires and what you are looking for in life,  but everyone's got a certain amount of talent.  We're all built to be psychic.  It's the way we're designed.

Kelly:  How do you know?  Do you just all of a sudden feel entities talking to you?  Or is it just a hunch?  What is it?

John:  Well I think some people do have a sort of big, nuclear moment change… I'm stuck on "nuclear" now, it's all your fault Ace.


Kelly:  North Korean missals, I need to know.  They launchin today or not?  I got stock ridin on this.  Who cares?


AC:  Go ahead John.

John:  Some people do have, you know, big moments that convince them that they have certain abilities and certain talents,  but for most people it's just you start having, uh, your hunches start coming right.  Perhaps you start having very vivid dreams that come true,  or you feel the presence of disincarnate beings or ghosts around you.  And it sort of builds from there.  There's a lot of different ways it can come through.   For myself, what happened with me was I started having, ah, becoming very very sensitive to the energy that surrounds people, their aura, their chakras field, to the point where I would feel it when I was brushing up against someone and would pick up random, small impulses, what was going on with them, their moods.  Anger especially would seem very bright, very hot.  To the point where even if I brushed up against someone who was very angry I'd feel like I had burns up against my arm.

AC:  Can you tell right now that I'm pissed at Kell?  Can you pick that up?


John:  Do I need to be psychic?


Kelly:  I mean he's call you the wrong name eight times now.  For God's sake, I wrote it down on a piece of paper for him.  And then he acts like I'm interrupting him.  No, I'm just trying to give you the information.  Let me ask you,  I have one quick question, he can answer it when we come back.

AC:  Ok, we can do that then.

Kelly:  This is what I want to know, If I'm sitting here and I have those vibes, is it something that you should be afraid of?  If by tapping into this will those ghosts and entities start to haunt me?  I want to know that when we come back.

AC:  Alright, ok, what's his name?

Kelly:  Read it, right here.

AC:  It's John Michael

Kelly:  Thornton

AC:  Thornton


AC:  You didn’t write that down.



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