It's taken me a few weeks to get my thoughts in order about my first Psychic Intensive Workshop "Your Spiritual Toolkit."  For the longest time I just wanted to say, "OMG they were Awesome!  Great class!"  But I realize that is less than helpful or descriptive.

IcesicleThey were a fantastic first class and I feel incredibly blessed that I could work with this group of people.  I am doubly blessed that my first psychic development class went so very well. 

Planning a six-week class in northeastern Ohio in January is a gamble, but I've had great success with January classes and Spirit said unto me, "Why are you stalling?"  So I ignored my inner Saboteur and scheduled the class.  We only had to reschedule once for weather - which was great considering I had people driving nearly an hour each way.

I knew what I needed to cover the first three weeks, but I felt the need to keep the last three sessions loose and unscheduled so we could work with the needs and talents of the class.  That's also why I insisted everyone receive a reading before the first class; I wanted to make sure we would cover what was needed.

The first night everyone gave a reading and everyone got a reading – no fooling around, right into the deep end for my students.  Let me stress this again, Everyone gave a reading that first night.  After that, it was all about theory, practice, and technique – everyone gave a reading that first night.
Over the six classes we talked to our spirit guides, looked at auras, felt chakras, saw the future, talked about the past, waltzed, laughed, and had innumerable lectures on ethics and technique.  Every night I felt we could have talked long into the morning. 

One thing I stressed over and over, there is no set path – so we worked with all sorts of techniques.  No specialization in my class.  We are energy beings in mortal shells and while we will all have specialties we can all be general practitioners.  That is what I want to teach, how to be a GP of the psychic realm.  If you need a specialist, you can call one in, but all of my students learn the basics of every type of psychic work I can think of and fit into six nights.

The realm of metaphysics and psychic development is huge.  No one can know everything and there is infinite space for specialists, but there is always a need for the generalist.  The reader who has enough knowledge and confidence to cover most issues and send clients to a specialist when needed.

I treflectionsold Spirit I wanted to teach a class on how to be a psychic and I was given that and so much more.  I feel so incredibly proud of what I know these eight people are going to bring to the world, because I know each of them has learned the most important lesion of the class – they can do the work.

The first night, after every single one of them had given a reading, I had a few students giving the woe and sadness routine that they didn't feel 100% the first time out and I said:  The western world, science, and mainstream America says what you just did is impossible.  No one can see the future, or read minds, or see illness, or be psychic.  You just did the impossible.  You did the amazing and Never let anyone tell you otherwise.  You did the impossible.  Amazing.

I am so ready to teach the next class.  I wanted to start another session the very next day, but it's taken me a few weeks to get my thoughts together.  I am now looking for those interested in the next session and I'm trying to decide when we will have it.  Wednesday nights were ok, but I know some people who couldn't do the weeknight.  E-mail or call me if you are interested and when you will be available.

This next session will be recorded with the recordings available only to that classes students, but the transcripts will be incorporated into the next manual.  As the class is still developing, second session will only be $200 for six weeks.

Do something impossible every day – be a psychic!

To register for the next session, and to register your preference for when it will be, e-mail or call me today.  Next session will start in May!

Note:  I seem to have forgotten to take a class picture or anything like that so we have nature pictures instead.