After your psychic work it’s important to disconnect from your client and get yourself ready for the distractions of the regular world.  Even if you are just doing a solo psychic development exercises it’s good to protect yourself from the energetic chaos of the world.

  • Pull back and disengage.
    • Often when doing psychic work it feels like my energy expands to be larger than my body or extends outward like an invisible hand.I like to imagine all that extra energy being sucked back inside – a larger version of pulling your tongue back into your mouth.
  • Shake it off
    • Begin to shuffle your feet and maybe shake your hands a bit to release any lingering energies.Clapping your hands (even quietly) can cool down hot or tingling palms and dim the sensitivity to psychometry. 
    • The psychic shimmy shimmy shake
      • This is when you imagine you are brushing dirt or clinging cobwebs off yourself and do the motions that go along with it.Looks ridiculous, but it works.
    • Breathe
      • Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and then let your breathing com back to normal
    • Reshield
      • Reset your energetic protection and shielding.

If you are still feeling overly open or shaky; take a shower, eat something, go for a walk, or get a hug from someone you trust.