As you develop your psychic awareness you will find it easier and easier to slip into a more meditative state.  When I first started giving readings it would take me four or five minutes to get myself into the proper receptive state where I could communicate with my spirit guides and connect with my clients.  Years of practice, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have made it easier to tune in, but even now I take a few minutes getting ready for a reading.

Try to give yourself a good five to ten minutes to center before these exercises.  The more you practice coming to center the easier it will become.  Practice will make it easier to recognize when you are centered and in the right mental space and when you are fooling yourself.

  • Start by taking a moment to become aware of your surroundings. 
    • Even if you usually use music or guided meditation to center; take off the headphones, put away your phone and really take in your environment. You can put the music back on in a minute, but really take in your surroundings first and notice any potential distractions 
    • If you feel crowded or unsafe, you may want to go somewhere more private for the initial centering and meditation.
  • Focus on your breath.
    • There is no right or wrong way to breathe.If you are breathing and alive, you are breathing right. However, becoming more mindful of your breathing and learning to control your breath can help with focus and relaxation.
    • If it feels comfortable, begin inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, trying to make the exhales longer than your inhales. As you continue to focus your breathing may slow down and become deeper.There’s no need to force it.
    • Try to feel as though you are inhaling deep into your belly and let your stomach expand and contract with each breath.
    • If you are familiar with ujjayi breath or circular breathing for meditation, you may begin it now.
  • Ground and become still.
    • Feel the ground beneath you and try to send your awareness deep into the Earth.When I am giving a reading I rarely move my feet, it’s important for me to feel still and connected when I do psychic work.
    • Try imagining roots growing from the base of your spine and the bottoms of your feet, down deep into the earth.
  • Come to center
    • Many of us are not centered in our day-to-day lives, we carry our energy forward or we retreat and hide even in our own bodies. 
    • Imagine points of light in the center of your head, your chest, and behind your belly button.Visualize those points of light coming into a shinning line running up and down the center of your body and feel the energy flowing up and down from your roots in the Earth to the sky over your head.
  • Clear your energy
    • I like to imagine a swirling whirlpool of energy spinning down from the sky and sweeping through my body; carrying away any negativity, distractions or stress I have accumulated since that last time I cleared.Sometimes it’s a lot.
    • Another visualization is seeing a gentle flame pass through your body; let it burn away anything that is not perfectly you.
    • You can also imagine yourself standing under a gentle waterfall and letting the water wash you clean.
  • Surround yourself with protection
    • I like to see a circle of fire surrounding my client and myself.When I am doing solo meditative work I picture a circle big enough to surround myself and whatever I’m focusing on at the time.
    • My Grandmother would always picture a glowing ball of golden light, extending at least ten feet in all directions.
  • Set your intension.
    • “I will be Truthful, Loving, and Compassionate in this work.So let it be.”
      • You can say it out loud or just inside your head, but say it with conviction and pride. I say a version of these words before every reading.

If at any point during this centering or your psychic and intuitive work you start to feel distracted or disconnected refocus on our breath.  A few moments of quiet breathing will usually get your back on track.  Once you feel ready go back to the step that was giving you trouble or even start from the beginning.  

It’s ok to get distracted, don’t give up, be patient with yourself.  You can do this.