The energies of Mother Earth have felt riled and almost violent these past few weeks. For the first time in ages my sleep is troubled and I find my energy drained. The only times I have felt at peace are while teaching, meditating and during yoga. I suppose I should just do more of that!

If you are filling similarly unsettled I encourage you to take some time with the trees, they feel the disturbances in the Earth even more keenly that we do, but have the perspective to flow with the changes.

FlashyTroutBackLettuceMy garden is mostly in, the weather has not been cooperating, but no point in fighting it. I'm trying fava beans this year and they are the only things growing like gangbusters. I also have some remarkably beautiful lettuce by the name of Flashy Trout's Back Lettuce and Drunken Woman Frizzy Haired Lettuce. I buy all my lettuces for their names.

Scant announcements this issue, but Camille opens this weekend at the Victorian Players in Youngstown and marks my return to the stage after twelve years. It is a wonderful production with an entirely new translation by Thomas Copeland.

FavaFor the first time I will be teaching two versions of the same class simultaneously. Energy Anatomy – Power and Practice has gotten off to a lovely start with an extraordinary group that already feels cozy and encouraging. In July I will be teaching a weekend version of the same class and calling it Energy Anatomy Part 1, at the Silver Branch in Ashtabula, OH. It will be fascinating to see the differences with similar material taught in different formats. It promises to be electric!

Brew yourself some garden fresh mint tea, pour it over ice and enjoy the summer. Catch a lightning bug, feel the grass between your toes and feel the Earth spin under your feet.


UPDATE: Energy Anatomy Part 1 at The Silver Branch has been rescheduled for September 17th and 18th!