Ok ya'll, I don't get political in this space very often, but please get out and vote this year.  Vote for the libraries, vote for the schools, vote for the firemen so they can keep putting out those nice calendars and vote for candidates you believe in.  If you hate everyone running in your local election, write in the Dali Lama or Elvis or Bugs Bunny.  I know it sounds crazy, but even writing in a candidate helps improve the system.  When there is a small voter turnout it allows the candidates and pundits to ignore the bigger picture and issues of the nation and focus on the smaller issues that divide and anger us.  If even 75% of the nation voted in an election, any election, it would be a game changer and the game needs to be changed.

On a lighter note, imagine what would happen if thousands of people wrote in Bugs Bunny.  Can't you just imagine Christine O'Donnell in a bunny suite telling us she's not a witch, she's just like Bugs?

Even though I no longer make massage oils and beauty products I still get recipes and recommendations in my readings and I have started posting them over at  You can find recipes for massage oils, and in the coming months I will be adding some old favorites from Blue Dragon Beauty as well as links to some of the great products I've been using.

It's been a beautiful fall here in Youngstown and I have been traveling around to fairs, giving readings and lecturing.  November will continue to be a busy month and I look forward to seeing you when I'm out on the road.

If you miss me when I'm out on the road you can always book a phone reading or arrange a class in your area at

Take care, stay warm, and vote.
John Michael Thornton