Friday, September 21, 2018

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Diffuse Aura Drawing


I find my focus and scope to be more focused during aura readings than during a full Life Reading. For this client I found myself quizzing her during the reading, her energy was so different that what I am used to in my day to day experience. Her energy felt very diffused, almost like a cloud with no firm outline or boundary. Soft, blue energy surrounded her, difficult to capture on paper (and the scanner barely picked it up) in its delicateness. Healing blue energy, often more soothing and seems to be called more in metal healing than green energy, shined from her hands. Her left hand had a more focused, constrained glow while her right hand shined brightly. Traditionally, the right hand is the giving or energy hand while the left hand is used for receiving energy and healing, mileage may vary. I often place my right hand over my left when projecting healing energy, but that can change depending on the directives of the spirit.

Her upper chakras were more energized than the lower three. The heart chakra - the source of Earthly, or human, healing energy was extremely energized and active. Although as I look now, I see that her fifth chakra doesn't even appear. This may have been an oversight (I can no longer remember clearly) or a reflection of her energy. The fifth chakra being communication and will. People who have trouble expressing themselves or have problems asserting their personal power and will can have very weak fifth chakras. Her Third Eye, the sixth chakra, is open and strong as is her crown chakra. The first two centers, those controlling grounding and connection to the Earth are not active in this reading.

I asked her what she had been doing that day and her answer cleared up many of my questions. That morning she had been a part of a group Reiki healing and since then she had been feeling as if she couldn't turn it off. As if her energy was still focused on healing. We talked for a bit about techniques she could use to "shut down" after a healing session and refocus on the material world.

Shutting down after psychic or healing work can often be a problem, one that can best be addressed though meditation and practice. I have seen it a few times over the years and I blame it on a common failing is most psychic training programs. The usual assumption is that the student is closed off and needs exercises and lessons to open up the psychic centers and powers, but what about those of us who started out open and need control and focus. I have seen very little attention to those needs. However, as more and more souls enter the Earth with spiritual missions and active psychic powers and abilities I can only hope that more time and energy will be directed to helping those already open to learn to focus and direct their abilities.

I was one of those who needed help shutting down and focusing rather than opening myself further. I feel that a large part of my work is to speak to those who need greater focus and help them to direct their abilities in productive and positive ways and I always address both types of teaching in my classes.