Almost a month ago I had a car accident coming home from a fair.  I was a bit shaken, but the car was messed up and insurance declared it dead.  Thus began one of those months were every little flaw, flub, and flailing in your spiritual practice is thrown into a glaring spotlight.  So, ok, I still have first chakra issues.

I thought I was over most of my first chakra stuff, but most of the cars I found in my price range, and the one I got, are red.  I'm not a big fan of red.  Apparently I need red.

CrocusThe colors we draw in are the colors we need to work with in your spiritual lives.  When I teach on chakras we talk about the colors people wear, how we decorate and paint our rooms, and the color of our cars.  I often tell people to meditate on green or purple, or wear a blue scarf for the throat chakra, or even to wear red shoes.  Repainting a room blue to support the will center is a pretty easy fix and who doesn't love a pair of red shoes?  I wasn't planning on shopping for color therapy, but when you tell the Universe, "I want to be whole."  You have to take what is given.

So now I have a red car… and it feels perfectly comfortable.  This is the most comfortable I have felt in a car in years.  It's just a little red Chevy, buzzes along like a windup car and probably get 40 miles to the gallon, but it feels like the car I had in high school when I first started doing readings.  I like that it is in no way pretentious, or pretends to be anything other than what it is – a little bit of a car.  It's very bijou and fits in with who I am right now – a psychic finding his path.

I also like that it's not a car I need to worry about.  It's not going to get stolen, it will survive my travels and it was cheap.  One thing that was once again perfectly obvious this past month was that I still clench when it comes to money.  Two days ago when the check came from the insurance company I started to relax about paying for this car and business picked up again.  I hadn't booked a single reading since the accident until yesterday, when I booked two.  Saturday will be the first fair I've done since then and it isn't because I haven't wanted to work.  I really wanted readings and fairs and (please God) money, but nothing was flowing and I was afraid to spend any either.  The fridge is emptier than it has been since I bought it, but now I feel myself start to relax.

It's not that I don’t know how the flow of money and energy works, in theory at least.  I do, but putting it into daily practice is still a lesson I am learning.  Thankfully, spring is here and I get lessons on bounty and energy flow and life every day.  So I'm working in the yard and rereading Prosperity Pie by SARK and trying to remember that doing the work every day is important.  Every day you pull a few weeds in the garden and every day you root out a few more old issues and toss them into the compost pile. 

Crocus LightIt is March 20th and I have green onions in my garden in Northeast Ohio, flowers are blooming and every time I walk outside I am reminded of the infinite bounty of the Universe.  I just need to remember it and let the message sink in because the lessons really do suck.

Now, I need to take my dog for a ride in my new car.


P.S.  This is the first car I've had in 12 years that needed a name:  The Red Ranger.