Please care more.Happy New Year from Joe & John Thornton

What ever you care about in this life, care about it deeply.  Care enough to show up, make and effort, and maybe embarass yourself. Care about people, whether you know them or not.  Care about ideas, art, pop culture, politics, injustice, and getting more people to compost. Find the things in this world that make your heart sing! 

What you care about, what you are passionate about, is what makes you human.  It is what makes you alive and vibrant.  Nothing is more depressing and dehumanizing than apathy, than not caring.  Nothing is more corrosive to this world than not caring.

People who care deeply get things done.  People who are passionate change the world.  There are lots of people who are scared of change, who are afraid of passion – their own and other people’s.  They will tell you not to care, that your caring doesn’t matter, that your passion is stupid and wrong.

Rainbow CareBear wants you to care about caring!This year, as every year, people are going to tell you to care less.  Care less about your obscure hobbies, music, art, and tv.  You will be asked, “Why do you like that?” and “Why are you so upset?”  You will be told that something you are passionate about doesn’t matter or is weird. 

Caring isn’t cool.

The things you care about aren’t cool.

What you care about is weird.

You will hear it from the media, society, social media, family, and friends.  You may even hear it from your own internalised fear and judgemental self.

Please ignore these people.  Please ignore these negative voices.

Do not believe them.

This year don't be afraid to care deeply, wildly and intensly.