daffodilSnowYears ago I had a dream were I was speaking to this old woman about my business.  In the dream, as in waking life, I was all stressed out and trying to explain to her why I was so stressed and didn't have time for her ideas.  She turned and gave me a hard look before saying "Don't you know that as the Earth grows in fecundity, so too shall your business?"

cressAfter I awoke, and looked up "fecundity,"  I started thinking about what she had said to me.  Even now I see the same patterns of sowing, tending, harvesting and resting that I see in nature.  This time of year, even as I plant seeds for the summer garden, ideas and winter projects start to show new growth.  Classes start to grow again, readings become more frequent and new growth is all around.  Summer will see unexpected storms and stunning growth and excitement before the busyness of fall fair season and the harvest of the year's work before the slowdown of December and January.

YellowCrocusLeafEvery year I forget about the pattern, my mind fills with worry and fret in December and January only to remember as spring approaches that is this normal for work as organic as mine.

Today I saw my first crocuses of spring.  The bright yellow ones are always the first to bloom and their sunny faces make me remember those words from my dream, "As the Earth grows in fecundity, so too shall your business."  Now is the time for new growth, and love, and Fecundity – and I am ready.