I've been struggling with this December newsletter for a while now (most of December in fact), and I finally figured out why.  Christmas-CactusI was sitting down to write a loving missive of the holiday season, but I always want these messages to fill a need and I wasn't seeing a need for more zesty jolliness.  I am seeing a need for reassurance.

So for those of you who's December has been filled with holly and jolly and other things ending in olly, skip down to the Fall update, everyone else, read on.

Stop and take a Deep Breath.  You are ok.

I know this has been a difficult month for many of you and you are not alone.  I have never seen so many clients and friends having such a difficult time as I have this month and for many it has nothing to do with Christmas and the holiday season.  Sad AngelFor many, business is down or relationships are strained, it may be the weather, it may be the season, but many of us are having a difficult month and are afraid that this will be the new normal in the coming year.

Relax and Breathe Deep.  You will be ok.

At first I was taking it case by case, person by person, trying to figure out what was going on, why is this wonderful person feeling like this?  Soon I saw that that was not the right way to think – It's just December.  Freakin, flippin December.

Let the tension and anxiety flow away, and Breathe.

This is not the new normal.  This is not what 2010 will be like, and you are not alone.  So what I finally realized I need to be saying to people is, "Relax, Chill out, Breathe Deep and don't make any important decisions until January."

Relax your neck and roll your shoulders – feel the tightness loosen, and Breathe.

Coneflower In SnowYou are deeply loved and cared for and I pray for each and every one of you this December and for the coming year.  It will be ok and we will all get through this together.

What ever you can Breathe through, you can Live through.

Relax, and Breathe.