This month I mark my first year as a full time psychic.
John Michael ThorntonIt has been an amazing year with all the ups and down you could expect with a new business but also some amazing highs that I never could have expected.  Teaching at LilyDale, finding water, lecturing for the Columbus A.R.E. and just traveling around meeting people at fairs has made for an incredible year.

This month I'll also be teaching my first psychic intensive workshop – Your Spiritual Toolkit.  The class is definitely a go and there is very little space left.  To all you wonderful people who e-mailed to say you will be coming, but haven't made payment or called to confirm – Please Do As Soon As Possible!  I can only reserve space for those who have paid in advance.  I love you!  Please call!

For those wondering what I am talking about, Your Spiritual Toolkit is a 6 week workshop, Wednesday 7-9:30ish, designed to teach you how to give psychic readings for yourself and others.  We will be working with guided imagery, meditation, gentle yoga, and various partner exercises to help open your mind and access your natural psychic abilities.  All students will get an accompanying workbook and a short psychic reading.  The reading must be completed before class so I can tailor the curriculum.
I'm also setting new goals and ideas for the coming year.  My goal last year was to average one reading a day for the year and I came very close with nearly 300 readings.  This year I want to take it a bit further, my goal is to average one non-Psychic Fair reading a day.  Fairs can be fun and all, but I get so much more satisfaction from the detail and attention I can give in a private session – it's really where I want to take my practice in the future.

This is already shaping up to be a great year, January first I did seven readings, and I already have more events booked for 2009 than I did in all of 2008.  The next few months I'll be traveling a lot with fairs in Buffalo, Rochester, Sandusky and Toledo – you can check the dates on my new Events!