GTWeddingFriday I had the honor of performing a wedding for a charming couple outside of the beautiful Lanterman’s Mill.  Friends, it was minus 1-degree with the wind chill. I was not prepared. It was beautiful, but COLD!

SproutsMost years I find myself writing about seasonal depression and surviving February, but I feel pretty good this year and I hope you are thriving as well. The warmer weather has allowed me to take some long walks though the neighborhood and feel less confined than usual. I've been growing mushrooms and monster sprouts to keep my urge to garden at bay. I’ve also started using my light therapy box during phone readings.  If you’ve noticed I’ve been extra perky during readings – blame the light box. Little changes and small steps are making a big difference in my mood and my ability to help others.
This month begins psychic fair season and I will be off to Raleigh, NC at the end of the month.  Stay tuned, I may be in your area soon!