Join me August 8th at 10 pm est for the premier of my new show on ParaMania Radio - Great Conjunction! The phone lines will be open the second half of the show for your calls and questions!

Welcome to Great Conjunction Radio with John Michael Thornton

There are many paths to the Divine, many philosophies, many faiths - Join me each week as we find the places where they come together and form a Great Conjunction

I have spent my life exploring the metaphysical world and watching people find their way upon their spiritual paths, even after all these years I am amazed at the incredible number of ways people move toward the Divine. Let this be a Great Conjunction where we look at the many ways to find your spiritual path as we explore psychic abilities, yoga, diet, spirituality, ethics, religion and more.

On alternating weeks I will explore a topic or theme for the first half of the show and then open up the phone lines for your questions, comments and free psychic readings. The other weeks I will open the show to guests who can help us explore the connections of Mind, Body and Spirit.
You can listen to the show Live at ParaMania Radio or listen anytime at Great Conjunction, new episodes will be posted in Podcasts after the show - You can also find Bonus content every month only at