A few months ago I was called upon for a house clearing and blessing in Sharon, PA. I've told bits of the story a number of times, focusing on the ghost story aspects, but there was one unexpected encounter that I haven't talked about yet – there was a fairy trapped under the stair.

I don't know how he (possibly she, I was a bit fuzzy on that) got stuck under those nasty basement stairs, but the principle haunt was the spirit of an old man trapping the ghosts of children – a truly nasty piece of work, now thoroughly banished with his victims sent to a much better place. While my fellow ghost hunters focused on the children I tried to talk to the huddled, dirty and diminished being under the stairs.

At first I got no response and the others with me barely sensed anything there at all, but I'm good with fairies and elementals and I was not about to let this little guy fade.

After telling him he was free and safe and trying to send him out of that place to no avail I offered him my hand and said, come with me and I'll take you out of here. I could feel the feather light touch on my hand as we walked up the stairs (with some of the hunters looking at me like I had lost my mind, but folks, there is a lot more out there than just ghosts).

We walked up those horrible stairs and out the kitchen door and as we reached the solid Earth and drizzly rain I saw my companion's big, sad eyes clear and fill with first hope and then power as he changed in an instant from a broken, fading creature to a brilliant, winged being taking flight – one of the most beautiful visions I have ever been blessed to see… and he was gone.

I went back into the house and joined the others in clearing the last dregs of psychic and spiritual gunk from that place, but I was blessed that night to see something everyone else missed.

I saw a fairy reborn into the world.


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