DarkColumbineThis past week was the last night of my eight week class, Energy Anatomy - Power and Practice.  It was an amazing class and I loved seeing these students gain confidence in their own abilities and spiritual connection.  We meditated together, prayed together and healed together - I learned so much from this group, even as they learned from me, and on the last day they asked me, "what next?" 

What next indeed.  Our final exercise of the night was a healing circle and one by one we sat in the center while energy, healing and light were called.  While sitting in that circle of energy I got the idea for an ongoing group - a night for people to come together, explore their psychic abilities and talk about their spiritual paths.

Starting August 3rd I will be leading an evening of Psychic Exploration and Spiritual Discussion, meeting the first Wednesday of the Month, 7:30pm at my home in Youngstown, please call 330-519-6558 if you need directions.

Each session I will lead exercises in psychic development, we will discuss our spiritual paths and we will join in meditation, class will be about 2 hours - suggested donation of $20 or what ever you can afford.  This is a time for us to gather, explore, and share our gifts.

Our first class:

Look Into My Eyes

There is something so powerful and personal about looking into another's eyes.  We cheat and look past people, our eyes flit around to avoid the personal connection that comes from deep eye contact, but the eyes are the windows to the soul we will be opening up the blinds.

Psychic Exploration and Spiritual Discussion  First Wednesday of the Month.