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If your home or listing has experienced a traumatic incident that has left it feeling negative, dense or psychically icky – We Can Help!

Home and business Blessings and Clearings create an inviting atmosphere, a place where people want to be.

As a house sits vacant negative energies and spirits can become stuck in the space. These buildings can feel stale and inhospitable, making them difficult to rent or sell. The longer a house sits on the market the more negative the energies can feel

What can make a house or office feel negative and unpleasant?

• Previous owners and tenants suffering and pain from death, foreclosure, divorce or illness.

• Abandonment or being empty for a long time.

• Crime, squatters and rotten tenants.

Offices and retail venues can also get that film of negative energy from customers, disgruntled employees or previous tenants. Clearing and Blessing the space can improve morale, increase business and make it nice to come to work!

Our Home and Office Blessings and Clearings can include top to bottom smudging with sage and sacred incense; sprinkling of Holy Water; Energy Balancing of building and property; crossing over or clearing of unwanted ghosts and spirits. We also leave behind a few blessed crystals to help maintain the energies.

Residential Blessings and Clearings Also Available!



$150 (extremely large buildings extra)

Clearings and blessings take about 2 hours for most buildings


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