Folks it has been a crazy fall.  One weekend after another I was traveling, giving readings and teaching, most of it was wonderful – the crummy hotel rooms, fattening food, air travel and whatever bit me in Columbus was not. Still we carry on. ForcinthiaLeaves

My talk at ULE was a blast and will be available for sell on DVD first quarter of 2010, although I did discover that suits seem to scare the heck out of fairgoers.  Who knew?  Then, off to Rochester for readings and networking with my New York peeps, leading to a booking in January for radio with Michelle.  Right away off to Texas to see family and help my Aunt after her heart surgery, she's doing much better.  One day at the Warren fair before the travel caught up with me and I crashed, but some good readings.  Then three days in Sandusky at Midnight Moon and Karen's Wellness Center, both leading to spring classes: Auras – the Light Fantastic at Midnight Moon and Your Spiritual Toolkit – Psychic Development Intensive at Karen's.  Finally, Victory of Light in Cincinnati where I attempted to give readings in a noisy hallway because they lost my paperwork.  Blerg.Angel of Prayer

Funny thing at Victory of Light though, the second day the reader across the way comes over with her head hung low to say, "I need to apologize to you."

"Fer what?  Why, what did you do?"

"For years," she said, "I've been telling people that no one can 'see auras' and Spirit Artists are all frauds, but seeing you work has changed my mind.  I believe that you are the real deal and see those energies.  I am so very sorry."

I looked at her for a minute and said, "Hey, no worries.  If it makes you feel any better, I've said some less than kind things about angel readers."

Cuz the technique is always less important that the person doing the reading.  There are amazing psychics and readers out there giving incredible readings with the strangest methods and others who will sit and read you a Tarot interpretation right out of a book and call it a reading.  Talk to people, get recommendations and remember not to talk down any particular style because you never know who is out there giving the most incredible readings using two twigs and a glass of water.