Friday, September 21, 2018


Workshops are coming!

I just spend the weekend at a terrific conference, “Develop Successful Workshops” at the Omega Institute.  Great Conjunction has been looking for the best ways to expand and grow.  The Metaphysical Expos and our monthly Lecture series has been a fantastic way to introduce ourselves to the metaphysical community and we will continue with those amazing programs, but our next endeavor will be to expand our workshop offerings.  There is still a lot to digest from my experience and while some of it will be behind the scenes, expect to see more from Great Conjunction as well as Joe and I in the coming months!


Great Conjunction (501c3)

GCSCLogoLightAfter many months of work Great Conjunction is now a 501c3 non-profit!  With our new designation we are forming the Great Conjunction Spiritual Center with psychic fairs, lectures and workshops.  We are also raising money for a permanent home for Great Conjunction, a center where we can hold yoga classes, retreats and all sorts of spiritually based programing.

I am absolutely over the moon.  For years I have worked to bring healing, light and energy through my readings, lectures and classes – and I love what I do and I am extremely proud of what I have been able to accomplish and the people I have been able to help.  Still, I dreamt of a place were people could come together for deep spiritual work and healing with a diverse group of teachers and light workers.  When I shared that dream with Joe he dove right in, bringing a drive and focus that has just been inspiring.  We started with the psychic fairs and are building momentum as we share learning and light throughout northeast Ohio.

You can help us in our mission by joining us at a lecture, workshop or psychic fair – sharing your enthusiasm for learning and spiritual growth.  You can also make a tax deductible donation to Great Conjunction – your donations will help fund our workshop scholarship program and the construction of the Great Conjunction Spiritual Center.

Thank you for letting me share this amazing new organization with you, you can find out more at our website, or by joining us at one of our upcoming events.

You can always contact me for more about Great Conjunction, psychic readings and workshops.  I am so excited to see what we can build together!

John Michael Thornton

Co-Founder, Great Conjunction


I don't do as many shop visits as I used to do, but I jumped at the opportunity to go back to Sandusky.  I used to spend a lot of time (reading and teaching) at two of the metaphysical stores there, Midnight Moon and Karen's Wellness Center, and I was deeply saddened when they closed.  I'm please to see Sandusky is bouncing back with new stores and events - Glad to be going back!

Divine Awakenings - 218 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Saturday, July 19th from 11-7,  I will offer $30 for 15 or $50 for 30 minute psychic readings and Medical Intuition.  Come on out!

Great Conjunction on ParaMania Radio!

Join me August 8th at 10 pm est for the premier of my new show on ParaMania Radio - Great Conjunction! The phone lines will be open the second half of the show for your calls and questions!

Welcome to Great Conjunction Radio with John Michael Thornton

There are many paths to the Divine, many philosophies, many faiths - Join me each week as we find the places where they come together and form a Great Conjunction

I have spent my life exploring the metaphysical world and watching people find their way upon their spiritual paths, even after all these years I am amazed at the incredible number of ways people move toward the Divine. Let this be a Great Conjunction where we look at the many ways to find your spiritual path as we explore psychic abilities, yoga, diet, spirituality, ethics, religion and more.

On alternating weeks I will explore a topic or theme for the first half of the show and then open up the phone lines for your questions, comments and free psychic readings. The other weeks I will open the show to guests who can help us explore the connections of Mind, Body and Spirit.
You can listen to the show Live at ParaMania Radio or listen anytime at Great Conjunction, new episodes will be posted in Podcasts after the show - You can also find Bonus content every month only at

Hidden Under the Stair

A few months ago I was called upon for a house clearing and blessing in Sharon, PA. I've told bits of the story a number of times, focusing on the ghost story aspects, but there was one unexpected encounter that I haven't talked about yet – there was a fairy trapped under the stair.

I don't know how he (possibly she, I was a bit fuzzy on that) got stuck under those nasty basement stairs, but the principle haunt was the spirit of an old man trapping the ghosts of children – a truly nasty piece of work, now thoroughly banished with his victims sent to a much better place. While my fellow ghost hunters focused on the children I tried to talk to the huddled, dirty and diminished being under the stairs.

At first I got no response and the others with me barely sensed anything there at all, but I'm good with fairies and elementals and I was not about to let this little guy fade.

After telling him he was free and safe and trying to send him out of that place to no avail I offered him my hand and said, come with me and I'll take you out of here. I could feel the feather light touch on my hand as we walked up the stairs (with some of the hunters looking at me like I had lost my mind, but folks, there is a lot more out there than just ghosts).

We walked up those horrible stairs and out the kitchen door and as we reached the solid Earth and drizzly rain I saw my companion's big, sad eyes clear and fill with first hope and then power as he changed in an instant from a broken, fading creature to a brilliant, winged being taking flight – one of the most beautiful visions I have ever been blessed to see… and he was gone.

I went back into the house and joined the others in clearing the last dregs of psychic and spiritual gunk from that place, but I was blessed that night to see something everyone else missed.

I saw a fairy reborn into the world.


Join me September 7th for discussion and mediation with Fairies and Elementals.

What's Next

DarkColumbineThis past week was the last night of my eight week class, Energy Anatomy - Power and Practice.  It was an amazing class and I loved seeing these students gain confidence in their own abilities and spiritual connection.  We meditated together, prayed together and healed together - I learned so much from this group, even as they learned from me, and on the last day they asked me, "what next?" 

What next indeed.  Our final exercise of the night was a healing circle and one by one we sat in the center while energy, healing and light were called.  While sitting in that circle of energy I got the idea for an ongoing group - a night for people to come together, explore their psychic abilities and talk about their spiritual paths.

Starting August 3rd I will be leading an evening of Psychic Exploration and Spiritual Discussion, meeting the first Wednesday of the Month, 7:30pm at my home in Youngstown, please call 330-519-6558 if you need directions.

Each session I will lead exercises in psychic development, we will discuss our spiritual paths and we will join in meditation, class will be about 2 hours - suggested donation of $20 or what ever you can afford.  This is a time for us to gather, explore, and share our gifts.

Our first class:

Look Into My Eyes

There is something so powerful and personal about looking into another's eyes.  We cheat and look past people, our eyes flit around to avoid the personal connection that comes from deep eye contact, but the eyes are the windows to the soul we will be opening up the blinds.

Psychic Exploration and Spiritual Discussion  First Wednesday of the Month.

House and Office Blessings and Clearings By John and Jane

New Service Available!


I have recently teamed up with psychic Medium Charlotte Jane Webber for home and office blessings and clearings.  It's great, she talkes to ghosts and I see energy patterns so we have it all covered!


If your home or listing has experienced a traumatic incident that has left it feeling negative, dense or psychically icky – We Can Help!

Home and business Blessings and Clearings create an inviting atmosphere, a place where people want to be.

As a house sits vacant negative energies and spirits can become stuck in the space. These buildings can feel stale and inhospitable, making them difficult to rent or sell. The longer a house sits on the market the more negative the energies can feel

What can make a house or office feel negative and unpleasant?

• Previous owners and tenants suffering and pain from death, foreclosure, divorce or illness.

• Abandonment or being empty for a long time.

• Crime, squatters and rotten tenants.

Offices and retail venues can also get that film of negative energy from customers, disgruntled employees or previous tenants. Clearing and Blessing the space can improve morale, increase business and make it nice to come to work!

Our Home and Office Blessings and Clearings can include top to bottom smudging with sage and sacred incense; sprinkling of Holy Water; Energy Balancing of building and property; crossing over or clearing of unwanted ghosts and spirits. We also leave behind a few blessed crystals to help maintain the energies.

Residential Blessings and Clearings Also Available!



$150 (extremely large buildings extra)

Clearings and blessings take about 2 hours for most buildings


Contact John Michael Thornton at 330-519-6558 and


Contact Charlotte Jane Webber at 724-456-5526 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It's Finally Here!

My Long Awaited Meditation CD is finally here and available for sale online and at select retail locations.  It came out Awsome and I am so excfited to be able to share this with all of you!



Walking the Sacred Stair - a Chakra Meditation for Guidance


Walking The Sacred Stair