BlueMorningGloryFirst, try to relax.  This is going to be fun and I will try to make you laugh once or twice.  While we may cover challenging or heavy topics, my goal is for every reading to be truthful, beneficial to all involved, heart centered, and kind. So relax, it’s going to be ok.

Second, in the days before your reading try to think of a few questions or topics you what to cover.  I’m sure you have a reason for scheduling, but give a little thought to what else you may want to cover.  Maybe you want to know about your job, but you're also curious about past lives or a health concern.  Make a few notes, it’s very common to go totally blank during a reading and forget all the questions that were swirling in your mind just a few days ago.

Third, try take a few minutes for meditation.  If you don’t meditate, focus on your breathing, listen to some good music or go for a walk. 

Fourth, find a quiet, private place for your reading.  If you are coming to me in person we will be in the Great Conjunction Healing Space - lovely and private.  For distance readings, make yourself comfortable somplace private.  If all you have is your car or a park bench, that will work beautifully.

Finally, if none of that happens and you are stressed and forgot your notes, it’s ok.  We will work it out, we will find your path. Just take one moment and breathe.
You can also listen to one of my mini-meditations.