BlueMorningGloryFirst, try to relax.  This is going to be fun and I will try to make you laugh once or twice.  While we may cover challenging or heavy topics, my goal is for every reading to be truthful, beneficial to all involved, heart centered, and kind. So relax, it’s going to be ok.

Second, in the days before your reading try to think of a few questions or topics you what to cover.  I’m sure you have a reason for scheduling, but give a little thought to what else you may want to cover.  Maybe you want to know about your job, but you're also curious about past lives or a health concern.  Make a few notes, it’s very common to go totally blank during a reading and forget all the questions that were swirling in your mind just a few days ago.

Third, try take a few minutes for meditation.  If you don’t meditate, focus on your breathing, listen to some good music or go for a walk. 

Fourth, find a quiet, private place for your reading.  If you are coming to me in person we will be in the Great Conjunction Healing Space - lovely and private.  For distance readings, make yourself comfortable somplace private.  If all you have is your car or a park bench, that will work beautifully.

Finally, if none of that happens and you are stressed and forgot your notes, it’s ok.  We will work it out, we will find your path. Just take one moment and breathe.
You can also listen to one of my mini-meditations.

Do charms and talismans have real power that can help us in our lives?

Yes but…

John Michael Thornton at workMost talismans only have the energy we put into them.  It is our faith, belief, or fear that gives them power.  Anything with special mean to you can become a talisman or lucky charm and those objects that already have special meaning to you often make the most powerful charms.

DadosPocketknifeMy maternal grandfather (dubbed Dado by my Aunt Jo) collected pocketknives. I didn't know this, I was 5 when he died,  but when I was in my 40’s I got a box of random stuff that belonged to him – his driver’s license, old coins, some interesting rocks and shells, and a bunch of pocketknives.  One of them called to me and now lives on my desk for opening envelopes.  Dado’s pocketknife has become one of my favorite fidget toys, along with a few smooth crystals, during readings.  No sacred athame or gleaming, magic blade I’ve ever held cuts through bullshit like Dado’s pocketknife.Amulet

I have necklaces and crystals that I use in my practice to help balance my energies, different ones for different purposes. I also keep a scattering of crystals and stones around my home and office – some fancy and polished, some interesting chunks of rock. I do believe they help me in my readings and life. However, I don’t need any of them and can do a perfectly wonderful reading without any of my talismans. 

Talented friends made my most precious pendants and amulets.  Some have special memories, or were things I picked up and just didn’t want to put down.  That’s the best way to to choose a charm or amulet - find something that entrances you or captures your imagination. 

Alter1Almost twenty years ago, a friend and I drove an hour to this little rock shop filled with the most beautiful, sparkly, interesting stones.  Right inside the door was a bin of mixed stones and a small, dull piece of jet with two little holes drilled through the center fell into my hand.  I carried it around that entire shop for over an hour and finally decided that I had to have it.  It was twenty-five cents, plus tax, and I still wear it to family reunions. The best stuff will call to you and needn’t be expensive.  It can be helpful to close your eyes and hold it in your hands so the pretty, shiny exterior doesn’t distract you.

HawkEyeTry not to let other’s opinions of what is powerful sway you. There are crystals and amulets people have dropped into my hands over the years that were deeply unpleasant to hold, only energetic when the seller was hyping it, or felt utterly lifeless. 

If a “special amulet” or “magic charm” doesn’t resonate with you, don’t waste your time and money.  The best talesmins will be special and powerful for you and possibly you alone.  Let your intuition guide you.


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