When you first start to explore spirituality and psychic development there is this wonderful honeymoon period.  You get the best parking places, synchronicity is everywhere and you talk to your guides more than you talk to your family – Then the true work begins and you are faced with the choice of continuing down a spiritual path or spending your life as a tourist.  No one can make the decision for you.  No one can or will make you choose one way or another.  For some people it is the first clear, personal choice of their lives.Pillars


The path of Spirit is all about choice, free will, and living with our choices every day.  What are the guidelines we should follow?  How do our choices effect others?  Why do we make the choices we make, and how do we live with them?

In this brief look at choice and responsibility we will look at how world religions have viewed choice as well as looking at how modern mystics and teachers have explored this idea of free will.

(45 Minutes)