RootsandRocksThe answer is always “No.”  Like many readers and teachers, time and again I hear people say a thousand different variations on, “Do it for me.”  Spiritual work is too hard.  Being healthy is too much work.  Forgiveness is such a pain.  Instant gratification takes too long.  And, can’t you just make me psychic?  Isn’t there a Secret that makes it all easy?

One of our greatest challenges is how to teach and inspire people without trying to do the work for them and how to bring ourselves to do the hard work of spiritual development every single day.  In this talk we will explore ways of inspiring yourself and others to do the work and learn the lesson and make yourself and the world better each and every day.

Everything is a test, and everything is a lesson. No one can do it for you, but the rewards of choosing to take the test and learn the lessons are tremendous.

(45 Minutes)