Your Spiritual Toolkit - Psychic Development Intensive – Learning to use your natural psychic gifts

This Intensive is about 18-20 hours total and can be arranged in several ways, including 2 weekends, once a week for 7 weeks or one marathon long weekend. Psychic 1 and 2 can be combined for a week long retreat.

PsychicDevelopmentClass size is limited – 6 Student Min, 14 Student Max, all students must be pre-registered.

Learn to be a psychic reader for yourself and others. In this class you will learn how to communicate with your spirit guides, receive messages and connect with your intuition. We will use meditation, yoga, and John’s “Seven Steps to Center” to explore divination, clairvoyance and your innate psychic abilities.

In this class you will learn how to give psychic readings, connect with your guides, see auras and lots more! This is an intense class and there will be homework. Wear comfortable clothes as we will be doing some light stretching and yoga to increase the flow of pranic energy through the body and aid focus and concentration.

This class does not use cards, crystal balls or other tools. The magic is in you, not the wand or pendulum. Once you have learned how to access your own power all the tools and toys can be helpful and fun, but unnecessary. It’s all about learning to access your psychic abilities and unleash your mystical, magical mojo.

All Students will receive a psychic reading from John Thornton (included in registration price) before class begins. Students also receive study materials including, a workbook, access to the Student Forum at, and a copy of my new guided meditation, “Walking the Spiral Stair” to help you continue your studies outside of class. Graduates will receive a graduation certificate and will also be eligible for John’s further education and graduate classes and workshops.