You are a psychic, a healer, a visionary and Mystic. These powers, these abilities are manifestations of the greater power within you and the greater connection you share with the Divine power that enfolds us all.

Within you is the power to heal, the power to see, and hear, and know – the Divine Spark within you, and within all of us imbues you with unlimited potential, all you have to do is recognize it.

This is not a psychic development class. You are already psychic.

This is not a healing workshop. You are a healer, you can be healed.

I am not here to teach you. I am here to help you explore who and what you are.

We limit ourselves with words, styles and structures that make us smaller than what we are, you do not need to me limited. Your abilities are innate to your Soul and your Soul is limitless. You are so much more, so much greater, and so much more connected than you know. We will explore that connection, together.