after2Do you want to open your third eye and see the unseen?   Do you want to learn the spiritual tools needed to heal your energy and heal your life?

In this seminar, Psychic and Life Reader John Michael Thornton will teach you to identify and unleash the spiritual power that resides within each of us.

In this fun and inspirational class you will:

  • Learn the Seven Steps to Center - John's proven technique to help   you tap your innate psychic abilities
  • See, draw, and begin to interpret Auras
  • Learn ways to heal your Aura and Heal your Life

Workshop Description:

I started seeing Auras when I was fifteen.   In this class I help people see and feel auric energy for themselves.

Beginning with a brief overview of the aura and its component layers, the chakra connection and color meanings and interpretations.   By focusing on the connection to physical and spiritual health we give students a vocabulary to describe what they will see and feel during the experiential portion of the program.

The second half uses my Seven Steps to Center to enter a meditative state conducive to seeing and reading auric energy.   Working with a partner and a variety of colored pencils we then draw pictures of each other's auras.   Actually working with colors and drawing materials takes away some of the self imposed blocks and frees up the natural creative forces.

Aura DrawingEach student receives an Aura workbook to take home for further study.

Colored Pencils and drawing paper will be provided, but artists are free to bring their medium of choice!

Developing Your Spiritual Toolkit is an ongoing workshop series offered by Psychic and Life Reader John Michael Thornton.   For more information or to schedule a reading, call John at 330-519-6558 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   To see examples of Aura Art visit