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Psychic Self-Defense

Modern life is a constant barrage of emotions, negativity and random energies. It can overwhelm anyone, especially those who are intuitive or psychically sensitive.

Candle of RemembranceThis workshop focuses on how to create mental boundaries to protect yourself from disruptive people and negative energies left behind from traumatic events. We will explore the basics of self-defense using tools including psychic shielding and cleansing your space. We will cover how to keep out negative energies and thoughts that can block the flow of positive, peaceful and happy energies in your life!

Delving deeper, beyond the basics, we will look at why techniques like smudging and blessing work, how to create protection rituals for yourself and how to protect the those around you, including children and pets.

The Colors of Health

StandingChakrasUnderstanding the connection between your chakra system and your physical health and well-being.

Body, Mind, and Spirit are One.  Imbalances and disruptions in the spiritual body are mirrored in the physical and vice versa, understanding how your spiritual well-being is reflected in your physical body is the simplest way to understand physical and spiritual balance.

We will briefly look at how the chakras connect to the physical body, teach you how to diagnose and understand those connections and look at ways to begin finding balance in your physical and spiritual life.

In the second half of the class we will explore ways to discover imbalance and blocks in your energy body through muscle testing, pendulums, and color.  

Finally, we will use guided meditation to explore the chakras, bring healing, and flow.

Part one is available as a lecture.

(3 hours)

Hello! My Name is_____: Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

stained glassEvery moment of every day we are accompanied, guided and counseled by our spirit guides.  Some stay with us for life, others join us for only a short time, but there is never a time we are alone.  For most people their help goes unnoticed, called a hunch or good luck, we are always helped and guided.

Communicating and meeting your spirit guides on a conscious level is one of the great opportunities of the spiritual path.

In this workshop we will explore the role your spirit guides play in your daily life as well as looking at how you can commune with them in your day to day life.  We will also briefly explore the chakra system and how you can use it access your higher self.

Finally we will move through a guided meditation walking through the chakras and finally greet our spirit guides in the crown chakra.

(2-3 Hours)

Chakras: The source of your Auric Field

StandingChakrasA health energetic body, including the chakras, is key to a healthy pattern of spiritual development.   Starting with a brisk discussion of chakra form and function.   We look at both the helping and hindering aspects of each chakra and discuss what can be done to help balance the energies in ourselves and others.

Workshop Description

Working with a combination of mediation and guided imagery we will examine each chakra, discuss healthy function as well as the helpful and hindering aspects of the chakras.   Starting with a brisk discussion of chakra form and function.   We look at both the helping and hindering aspects of each chakra and discuss what can be done to help balance the energies in ourselves and others.

The second portion of the class focuses on guided meditation and partner work to look at our own chakras as well as other peoples with the goal of better understanding these energy centers and their purpose.   Workshoppers should wear comfortable clothes as we will be doing breathing exercises and, very, light stretching to help energy flow and balance.

Check the Upcoming Events to see when this class will be offered or contact John to schedule a workshop in your area!

Auras: The Light Fantastic

after2Do you want to open your third eye and see the unseen?   Do you want to learn the spiritual tools needed to heal your energy and heal your life?

In this seminar, Psychic and Life Reader John Michael Thornton will teach you to identify and unleash the spiritual power that resides within each of us.

In this fun and inspirational class you will:

  • Learn the Seven Steps to Center - John's proven technique to help   you tap your innate psychic abilities
  • See, draw, and begin to interpret Auras
  • Learn ways to heal your Aura and Heal your Life

Workshop Description:

I started seeing Auras when I was fifteen.   In this class I help people see and feel auric energy for themselves.

Beginning with a brief overview of the aura and its component layers, the chakra connection and color meanings and interpretations.   By focusing on the connection to physical and spiritual health we give students a vocabulary to describe what they will see and feel during the experiential portion of the program.

The second half uses my Seven Steps to Center to enter a meditative state conducive to seeing and reading auric energy.   Working with a partner and a variety of colored pencils we then draw pictures of each other's auras.   Actually working with colors and drawing materials takes away some of the self imposed blocks and frees up the natural creative forces.

Aura DrawingEach student receives an Aura workbook to take home for further study.

Colored Pencils and drawing paper will be provided, but artists are free to bring their medium of choice!

Developing Your Spiritual Toolkit is an ongoing workshop series offered by Psychic and Life Reader John Michael Thornton.   For more information or to schedule a reading, call John at 330-519-6558 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   To see examples of Aura Art visit

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