Finally, people in the Youngstown, Ohio, area can enjoy the luxury of personalized Yoga Instruction and small group classes.

Millions of people have found relaxation, gained strength and increased flexibility through yoga.

John Thornton Yoga I offer personalized sessions for individuals and small groups right in your home or office. With over ten years of yoga practice, I have taught small groups and individuals in Virginia, New York and Ohio. Yoga has helped me manage stress, increase flexibility and promote relaxation for many years; let me help you experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

I see Yoga as a meditation in motion. The grace and flexibility yoga imparts is the beautiful icing on the cake. A yoga practice should give you an intimate understanding of your body and leave you feeling pleasantly spent and spiritually refreshed.

Yoga can be gentle as a summer breeze or strong as the Santa Anna Winds, but the balance of breath, mindfulness and careful instruction will carry students through.

I like two levels of teaching, gentle beginners and a more active “power yoga.” Both classes should be challenging for all levels of students, but with different goals.


altI was a teenage klutz, and a woefully uncoordinated child. At 16 I began studying yoga. I had known about yoga my whole life. My mother practiced yoga and I had taken the occasional class, but you don’t really begin to understand yoga until you undertake a regular practice.

At 16 I started a practice with Shirl Swan-Mock. Slowly, I became more centered and invested in my body; I gained awareness of the connection between my physicality, mind and spirit. From this awareness I gained some measure of physical grace and balance.

1993-1997 Shirl Swan-Mock Youngstown

1996-1998 Abby Alter Sharon, PA

1993-1994 Heather Heath Youngstown

1993-present Independent Study

Teaching Historyalt

1999-2000 - Association for Research and Enlightenment - Virginia Beach
2001-2003 - Private Lessons - New York, NY
2004-present - Private Lessons - Youngstown, OH
2005-present - Hubbard Community Pool Center