New Service - Aura - Chakra Paintings

AnnMarieI've been doing Aura Drawings for years now.  I call them "lightning sketches" at the fairs because there's only time for

a quick outline as part of the reading.  I love the Aura Drawings as a diagnostic tool, it lets me look at the chakras and see where the client's energy is flowing, but it shortchanges the beauty and color of a person's energy and Aura.  I had done paintings and watercolors in the past and I love the added depth and subtly you can get with extra time and vibrant colors.

I am now immensely pleased to offer Aura Paintings to my clients.  As an add on to your reading (I can only do this after a reading, while the connection is still vibrant) you can get an 11x14 acrylic on canvas painting of your energetic body looking at the chakras and how they interact and connect.

It's still a limited version of what can be seen psychically, but I think it's really cool and beautiful and a wonderful way to look at yourself.


$120.00 - Order Online!

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