Dowsing is $95 an hour on site and $25 an hour travel time, round trip.  For locations more than four hours away or if you want me to fly out to look for water it's $500 a day plus expenses (Hotel, rental car, etc.).
Payment due on the day and while I make no guarantees, I'm 100% so far.

Since I am trained as a psychic, not a dowser, I work best when I'm working with the property owner and I need to walk the land.  I also tend to get extra information about clarity and general flow amounts.  I'm still getting better with all the extra info.

Having a map of larger properties is helpful so I can narrow down where to look instead of having to wander around 20 acres for a few hours.

It started the way these things usually do - a client had a need.

I was giving readings to a couple last summer and water was on their minds.  Their well needed upgrading, the drilling company had already dug three holes and it looked like they were out of luck.  If water was not found soon the drilling company would have to report to the county that there was no water on the property and not only would my clients be without water, their 15 acres would be worthless.  They were flipping out.

In both readings I really felt there was water there, but trying to describe where it was, on a piece of property I had never seen was a bit daunting.  Saying, "it's on the triangular bit on the right side, back a ways," may have been right, but not helpful at the time. 

A few days after the readings they called me back to see if I would be willing to come out to the house and try to find a location.  I had never done anything like that before so I gave it some thought, came up with a price and set the appointment.

I wasn't sure what would work, and I've streamlined my technique since then, so I tried three different ideas.  I started with my pendulum and a map to narrow down where to look, wandering around fifteen acres of wet grass and bracken is not my idea of a good time.  I found three areas that looked good.  Then we did a reading with both of them to really focus in on the property.  Finally we went out into the yard to pinpoint the best drilling locations.

Of the three potential spots I picked out, the drilling company picked the one that looked best to them.  First try they struck pure, clean water at 17 gallons a minute.

They passed on my info to the drilling company who has been passing my name out to people with difficult locations.  100% so far.