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I offer different reading lengths and styles, but I find it best for new clients to book a full life reading to get a nice overview of what's going on spiritually and physically.  It also helps pinpoint what issues need to be addressed in greater detail.

Which Reading is Best for You?

Life Readings - Live, Phone, or Skype -   Exploring past present and future, life readings usually begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health.   We can work on relationships, work or anything on your mind.   I tend to talk a lot and fast, if you have any particular issues you know you want to focus on, I suggest you let me know early in the reading.   It can also be helpful to bring a list of questions or you may choose to let spirit take the lead. 

Aura Readings - Aura readings are a form of spirit art. I look at the energy patterns surrounding you and briefly sketch and interpret what I see.   I am always amazed at how much you can learn about a person in just a few minutes by examining aura and chakra system. Thought patterns, illness, physical strains and connections to loved ones all show up in even a cursory examination.

Psychic Parties - Parties begin with a short “getting to know you” discussion followed by one on one readings for party guests and hosts.   Five person minimum, twelve person maximum.  Readings are about 20-25 minutes long.  No alcohol or drugs permitted. $40 per person plus $25 per hour travel time.  Special discounts available to Party Hosts!  Get a $5 credit for each guest.  So, 8 guests = a free reading!